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Harry Maguire says poor club form may be affecting England defence

November 26, 2019

England defeat at the Czech Republic might have been down to a number of players going into the break in club kind that was poor, based on Harry Maguire.
After Fridays 2-0 defeat, England have surrendered eight goals in their five matches. In that moment, Southgate has just selected the exact back.
Maguire, who played Danny Rose, Michael Keane and Kieran Trippier in Prague, is eager to find a solid back four and has been the mainstay in the defence since November.
Asked if there was a shortage of confidence among the back-line Maguire responded:Yes, possibly.
We bring our team soccer into international level. It was a game. Do not get me wrong, we started cluttered. We took the lead at the match but we didnt deserve to.
The second half we controlled the match a lot more than the first half but we gave them a sloppy goal to win this match. We do need to improve on this.
Obviously you are wanting to produce partnerships. Occasionally in global level you cant actually do that.
Youve got players that arent playing with their clubs so that they do not get selected, and youve got players who pick up accidents.
You have got to adapt. That is one of those sections of playing each camp you playing with players that are different, global soccer – you dont wish to be – and also will need to create new partnerships.
But listen, there is no excuses. We will need to be better than Friday night. We will need to be going forward. We will need to be better on the chunk. And we certainly need to become better in keeping the ball out of the internet.
England may have sealed their eligibility for Euro 2020. If they beat Bulgaria and Kosovo fail to win against Montenegro but they could be eligible on Monday.
Southgate had success with England at the Russia World Cup in 2018 – taking them to a in 28 years – using a three and admits he can revert to that system.
I think were in a tricky situation in terms of the players who have played international soccer with us in that region of the pitch and who are playing frequently together with their teams, Southgate said.
So, thats part of the reason we didnt do that [from the Czech Republic].
It is definitely something we have considered and I dont think we can dismiss.
Im not sure, ahead of Monday, if thats the ideal thing to do but we are very aware and assessing those things
Asked if there is sufficient time to employ a defensive switch in program before Euro 2020, Southgate said:I think , I believe players participate in strategic concepts very quickly, particularly top players.
So, we have to keep reflecting on whats working, what is possible and learn from each experience we have.
We will find out a lot from [the Czech sport ]. We have had.
[This] was a proper evaluation and we did not come through, so it would be naive to take the lessons in what weve observed on the pitch

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